Road 2 Recovery Community Services, Inc (R2RCS)

The Road2Recovery program offers services in three phases:

Phase I: The Assessment Phase

Every family referred for Road2Recovery services will be assessed within the first seven days. When this assessment is complete, each family will be referred to either Phase II or a more appropriate treatment program.

Phase II: Intensive Family Preservation

Families referred to this phase will receive individual and family therapy and case management services for a minimum of 60 days. Services will be provided by a therapeutic team composed of a family therapist and a case manager. Each family will be provided with an average of 3-4 direct hours per week at a minimum.

Phase III: Intact Families

Families who have successfully completed Phase II or are in need of less intensive services will be referred to this phase. Intact families will be referred to this phase. Intact families will receive ongoing case management for 6 to 12 months. Case managers will provide an average of 2-4 direct contact hours per week per family.

Road2Recovery services include, but are not limited to the following:  

•     Comprehensive assessment of need

•     Individual, group, and family therapy

•     Day Treatment Services

•     Intensive case management

•     Truancy prevention and intervention

•     Training in basic skills such as behavior management, communication skills, nurturing, housekeeping, meal planning, and money management.


Road 2 Recovery Community Services offers a wide range of comprehensive counseling services based out of Frankfort, IL.

Driving Under the Influence [DUI]

DUI Evaluations for Court

DUI Evaluations for Secretary of State

License Reinstatement

DUI Program: Education and Therapy

SAP - Job Related Drug & Alcohol Evaluations for Department Of Transportation [DOT]

Counseling Services

Drug & Alcohol Evaluations for other purposes such as Domestic Violence, Possession, Positive drug/alcohol screening, Violation of probation, Theft

Domestic Violence Evaluations and Education (PAIP Program)

Anger Management Evaluations and Education

Mental Health Evaluations

Parenting Classes

Our services are provided in English & Spanish.