Road 2 Recovery Community Services, Inc (R2RCS)

Parent Education Services

The Road2Recovery Parent Education Program strives to promote the development of a rich, productive and fulfilling lifestyle in partnership with all families. In essence, PEP's mission is to strengthen families. PEP can be described as a three-tiered pyramid composed of strength-based family supportive programs and projects each addressing different needs, interests and goals parents and families may have.

Our Road2Recovery counseling and skill-building program purpose is to work with families whose children are at risk of an out-of-home placement. Program services are carefully designed to instill hope and structured to focus on family strengths while respecting the uniqueness of the family's values, beliefs and traditions. This program is responsive and intensive with counselors working with only two families at a time. It is family-centered to maintain family unity, teaches skills, which include Budgeting, Parent Support, Parent Education and Homemaking Services, that will promote positive changes within the family structure, and is goal-oriented to meet a family's basic needs and help the family remain intact.